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The New Solid Fraction Rapid Analyzer

Click on the video above to view the speed and parts per thousand repeatability of the system while making rapid back to back measurements on tablets and ribbons.

Principles of operation: Samples (either ribbons or tablets) are scanned in seconds between dual opposed line-scan laser beams by a computer-controlled translation stage in order to determine the sample volume, and then transferred to an internal Mettler balance to determine the sample mass.  Together with the operator-entered true density of the powder, the solid fraction is automatically calculated and displayed on the touch screen display.

With this new system, based on a completely new architectural design, measurements are now up to 120x faster than many traditional solid fraction measurement techniques, and an order of magnitude faster than our previous Laser-based Solid Fraction Measurement System.

Click the image below to view the results of a 600 measurement repeatability study, completed in just 4 days, which demonstrate the speed, stability, and parts per thousand repeatability of this new system.

Features & Benefits

  • Accurate laser-based volume measurements
  • Automated Mettler Balance Mass measurements
  • Measures both ribbons and tablets
  • 15 second measurements - up to 120 times faster than many traditional methods
  • Parts per thousand repeatability
  • Operator independent results
  • Less than 1 hour operator training required
  • Suitable for fragile, irregularly shaped, and small fragments
  • No sample preparation required - no consumable supplies
  • Suitable for "at-line" measurements - allows for quick, efficient optimization of roller compactor settings during formulation development.
  • Removable touch screen interface facilitates system use in containment enclosures
  • Self-contained unit, capable of being easily moved from lab to lab as research needs dictate
  • Optional compact version (395 mm x 365 mm x 415 mm) suitable for use in space constrained containment enclosures
  • Optional, remote, networked, real-time data review application with formulation-friendly analysis tools

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Solid Fraction Measurement Systems